The girl who unleashed my interest to Guitar

Punith Salian
4 min readSep 15, 2019
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From childhood, I was very much fascinated by music. But did not get enough encouragement to learn music those days. I had the Harmonica, it was a plastic one gifted by grandmother. I played it all the time, without even knowing the head and tail of music. I barely remember there was a guy who knew to play the Harmonica in schools and he performed in most of the cultural events in school. I admired him and due to which the desire to learn Harmonica and interest in learning music grew in the early age.

We hear a lot of music all around us and sometimes we even see people performing live. We plug in our earphones and listen to a lot of songs, have we ever thought about the background music, the efforts that go to compose them. If I am not wrong, probably most of us don’t pay much attention to it, but rather would love to enjoy the song.

A few years back, there was a spark that ignited my spirit to learn guitar. This triggered my long-lasting desire to learn music. There was a start to it, I enrolled in a guitar class. There was one of my colleague Pritham in office, who suggested me to enrol for the guitar course. It was always an advantage when you have a buddy who learns along with you. This particularly helps in driving each other when the motivation level is low.

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It was a basic course on the guitar that taught about the notes, scales, basic chords, strumming patterns etc. I completed my basic course on the guitar in two months. To master the basics it requires dedicated practice. But I could not dedicate sufficient time back home along with usual work routine.

I still did not own a guitar, it was my friend Chatto’s guitar that I started my journey on learning music. I am thankful for his support. He was the one who introduced me to the world of guitars.

And then there was Mark, he would be performing at the Pubs. It’s a cool job, I too fancy that kind of a job. By the way, Mark was my Guitar Instructor. There are so many career options to choose from everything interesting in its terms!

After two months, of course, I had somehow learnt basic chords, but still not confident enough to play a song. I had to enrol for another course that would take my learnings to the next level. But I could not sustain the momentum picked up and did not dedicate time and energy to it. The guitar was lying in the corner of the room, filled with dust. Finally, I decided to return the guitar to the rightful owner.

The world of guitars

Though the aim was to play the electric guitar, after all, it looks cool to play the electric guitar. The acoustic guitars are the one where you start the epic journey in the quest to learn to play the guitar. I can see the path that I need to walk to get there. Can you see it too? Not sure if you can also see it through, but I would like to you to know what I see. As someone has rightly said, “Stay patient and trust the journey.”

First of all, prepare yourself to commit time practising the guitar daily. This is the first hurdle if you decide then move on to buy a guitar. Keep moving forward, though there is no end to learning set your goal and move towards it.

My approach in life, do whatever you feel like. Life takes you to a place where you belong, not to worry about the outcomes.

The spark that ignited me in picking up the guitar is attributed to a beautiful girl whom I met at that point of life.

The spark remains, I would not extinguish it and a timeline is scheduled for it to pick up the guitar again. But this time, it may not be a girl who is unleashing it but it would be myself!

I wish one day I could play Green Day’s ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ on an electric guitar. This would be the ultimate motivation to play the guitar.



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